Centralized Welding Fume Extraction System:

Cleantek manufacturing centralized welding fume extraction for welding automation applications. Pipeline connects the each welding fume points to one centralized welding fume purifier.

Fume Extraction at Source
Fume extraction

Cleantek design manufacturing Centralized Welding Fume Extraction machines in various capacity. Our machine can Filter and purify the hazardous welding fume up-to 99 % and circulate the pure air. We are supplying 3D articulated swing arm 3.5 meter length for easy capture for fumes.

Cleantek manufacturing Centralized dual arm welding fume extractor for to work with multi suction point simultaneously. This machine constructed big ducting with more filtration area to manage the dust load. Welding fume extractor constructed with three layer / stage filtration system with 10 to 15 suction arm to achieve the 99 % Filtration Level.

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