Centralized Dust collector:

Centralized Dust collector is connected to the metal ducting with multi point suction unit to various places in factory to extract the dust. All extracted dust are collected to the dust collection chamber. Various parts like suction unit, Filters, Filter auto cleaning device, collection tank  and control panel are contain this centralized dust collector.

Cleantek Manufacturing centralized cyclone dust collection system for wood processing machines, Metal Cutting Machines, Surface Grinding machines, Food Processing machines etc…

Central Dust Collection
Central Dust Collector, Centralized Dust Collection,

Heavy duty suction fan designed to extract the heavy dust from multipoint from processing machines. Filters to be cleaned on periodically depends upon the quantity of dust collection. Suction unit handle large quantity of dust and produce higher velocity to extract the dust from multi points and from long distance.

Dust Collector For Woodworking Industry:

Exposure to fine wood dust can cause serious health problems for machine operators, workers around the machine in shop floor. Wood Panels, Wood plates contains various chemicals and may contain bacteria, molds or fungi etc…During cutting of this panel dangerous chemical content hazardous dust flying, spreading around the machine and its enter during inhaling of workers. This increased risk of exposure to fine wood dust include construction workers, carpenters, Operators and workers employed in furniture and cabinet making, sawmills etc..

The multi point central unit are occupies less space and easy to maintenance. Only vacuum suction points are provided to each room or machinery. All suction points are connected by suction piping to the centralized suction producer cum filtration unit. All dust and debris are collected in suction cum filtration unit. Centralized Dust Collector  suitable for continuous running and medium duty dust extraction applications.

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