Central Vacuum Cleaner:

we are the leading manufacturers of central vacuum cleaners in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bengaluru. Cleantek design and supply centralized vacuum cleaners suitable for hotels, individual house, Factories etc.. Multipoint centralized vacuum cleaners are occupies less space and easy to use. Only suction points are provided to each room or place. All suction points are connected by piping to the centralized suction producer cum filter unit. All dust and debris are collected in one place. Centralized vacuum cleaner suitable for continuous running and heavy duty cleaning applications.

centralized vacuum cleaning
Cleantek manufacturing centralized vacuum cleaner suitable for all kind of Food industries , ware house etc…

Good housekeeping cleaning tool
Easy to operate & maintain
Hygienic disposal of dust, liquids ,spillages etc.
Simple construction
Various kind tools and floor cleaning accessories
Cleaning Accessories List:
Vacuum suction hose
Floor Brush
Round Brush
Filter bag
Suction tools etc,..

Cleantek manufacturing Industrial Centralized Vacuum Systems, Centralized Vacuum Cleaners, Centralized Dust Collectors for All kind of Dust Collection use.

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