Central Dust Collector:

A suction unit with Filter bag stationary central dust collector system connected with suction pipeline from the dust source. All kind of dust is extracted from the machine and collected in one single place threw the duction suction line. Suction line made up of Mild Steel or GI Pipe Line.

Cleantek design and manufacturing big ducting and centralized dust collector to suck the dust from various machines. In wood working industry or furniture making industry using lot of cutting and polishing machinery.

centralized Dust Collector
Dust collection

This machinery involve to making the furniture and wood working products in good finish and attractive design . Also this machinery produce lot of dust during the machining process. Fine dust irritating workers eyes, nose and throat, and may result in shortness of breathing, runny nose and serious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye. Here the dust collection ducting is connected to all machinery with central dust collector.

We are the Leading manufacturers of Dust Collection System, Industrial Dust Collector, Pulse Jet Dust Collector etc…

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