Blower and Diffuser Manufacturer:

We are the Blower and diffuser manufacturers for all kind of Fish Pond water aerations. It is available in various sizes for fish pond aeration, Biofloc Fish tank Aeration, sewage treatment plant aeration etc…

Biofloc air blower for air agitation
We are the leading air blower manufacturers for bio floc aeration in fish pond.

We are the Blower and Diffuser Manufacturers in Coimbatore suitable for Pond Aeration, Biofloc Aeration and lake Aeration etc.

Also we are the high pressure blower manufacturers for oxygen aeration in bio floc plants. Water aeration remove the dissolved gas like carbon dioxide and oxidizes dissolved metal like Iron, Hydrogen sulfide etc from water. Small bubbles of air create the turbulence action in water so that easily mixed gases are come out from the water

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