DownDraft Table:

This stationary, self-contained downdraft table collects all dust, smoke and fume directly through the perforated table top. The fume dust extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and fume, dust filter unit.
The large work surface perforated tables allows for effective work during welding and grinding with low to medium levels of smoke and dust. The extraction unit with consists of high volume continuous duty suction unit and 3 stage filtration unit. Metal filters and cartridge filters are reusable and carbon filters are disposable and replaceable.

Downdraft Table Dust Collection
Welding table, Fume Extraction table, Dust Collector Table

More Filtration Area designed with Air to Cloth Ratio
High Airflow designed Impeller
Latest Automatic Filter Cleaning System for Maintaining Machine Performance
High Suction force
Efficient Dust Collection
Easy to Disposal of collection dust
Low Noise Level with additional Silencer unit
Heavy Duty Construction
Maintenance Free
Supply with High Temperature Hose & Ducting
All Over India & Abroad Installation Support

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