Axial Fan Blower Vs Centrifugal Blower:

Axial blowers have high volume air capacity and less pressure. Axial fan draws the air and blows forward to fan axis direction. Axial flow fan is generate more air volume with less pressure.

Axial Blower Fan ventilation
Fresh air supply and fume exhaust axial fan blower

Centrifugal blower is a electro mechanical equipment and convey the air fluid from one place to another place. Centrifugal blowers is widely used in dust control, ventilation, cooling, parts drying, parts cooling, hot air drying etc… Many industries required move the air or gas from one place to another place and here blowers are helps are use to he

Air Blower for Ventilation
Centrifugal Blower, Air Ventilation, Axial Blower

re. Blower consist electrical motor, Impeller fan and fan housing . Air volume is depends upon the system connected with blower and load resistant. Forward curve Impeller, reverse curve impeller and straight leaf impeller etc.. are used to design the required volume and pressure in air blowers.

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