Automatic Pulse Cleaning System is one  kind of dust cleaning process in Dust Collector filter bags. This design integrated with Dust Collector for bulk dust collection application. Pulse Cleaned Air Filtration System used in Industrial Dust Collector and Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to clean the filters automatically without affecting airflow and suction Pressure.

Cleantek manufacturing cyclone attached automatic pulse cleaning dust collector suitable multipoint dust extraction from grinding, blending, mixing, transferring process.

This Device fitted with Cartridge Filters and Non woven Filter Bags in dust collectors.

High capacity centrifugal blower is connected with airtight metal box container threw the Cartridge filter or cloth filters. Dust is extracted threw the ducting and suction hose to the metal container. Filters are cleaning by Compressor air with timer option and Pressure variation sensing.

Centralized Dust Collection System
Centralized Dust Collection System, Multi Point Dust Collector

Cleantek Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collector dust collector supplied complete digitally balanced impeller fan and continuous duty IE2 induction motor. Filters are cleaned by manual filter shaker or automatic filter cleaning system. We design and produce Pulse cleaned air Filtration Device, dust collection device, Mechanical Engineering dust Extraction & particulate extraction systems suitable for all kind of dust capture, chips collection process.

Cleantek newly designed Dental dust and particulate extraction systems, Pharmaceutical Dust extraction systems, Mobile Dust extraction systems, Baghouse Dust Collector in stainless steel construction.

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