Air Knife:

Air knife is an tool used for blow off the dust, liquid particles etc.. by high pressure air stream. Some special model available with Ionized bar. Air knives are widely applied in a variety of industries including automobiles, electrons, chemical industry, metal processing, Food packaging, paper printing etc.

Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Version Construction
Uniform and Steady Airflow and constant Pressure
Air gap slots can be adjusted as per your requirements
Maintenance Free & Safe to use



Parts Drying

Bottle Cleaning
Drying or blow-off,
Debris blow-off/static control, coating control

Cooling of hot Products from process
Cleaning of Dust, Metal debris from various production process
Copper Wire Cleaning
Conveyor Cleaning
Vegetables Washing Cleaning
Engine Parts Drying
Rubber sheet Drying

Blow off Dust Particles etc..

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