Air Knife Drying System:

Air knife manufacturers in India and doing parts drying, air knife drying system, bottle drying system, air knives for pharma and food industries. Air knives are widely applied in a variety of industries including

Air Knife for bottle drying
An air knife is a pneumatic air tool used to blow off liquid or debris from products. Cleantek design and manufacturing various ranges of air knife with high pressure blowers suitable for drying and water and dust blowoff applications. Air knife used for drying water Particles from Bottle, Pouch, package, glass parts etc.

automobiles, chemical industry, metal processing, Food packaging, paper printing etc.

Cleantek manufacturing this products from Coimbatore Plant and Export to various places in India and abroad. High Quality Stainless Steel Construction increase the Life of the Product.  Uniform airflow support continuous cleaning and drying of parts. Drying and cooling is required in Food bottles Packaging Plants.

In Food packaging industries moisture removal, Water Removal is most important process before Lot details details printing.

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