Air Knife Blower Manufacturers:

We are the air knife blower manufacturers in India. High pressure blower, medium pressure blowers, multistage blowers are manufactured by us used in dust extraction and air ventilation purpose. High volume air Jet clean and dry the surface of the parts quickly with less consumption of power.

Air knives are widely applied in a variety of industries including automobiles, electrons, chemical industry, metal processing, Food packaging, paper printing etc. This industrial drying system useful in various process in industries with automation.

Airknife drying
Air Knife Drying System is very useful for drying liquor bottles after filling and before packing.

Some important Features are low cost, uniform airflow, simple structure, easy for installation, effective reduction of energy loss etc.

This System is very useful for drying liquor bottles after filling. In Liquor production line after filling the bottles or canes are move to coding and labelling process. The wet moisture affect the printing quality and rejection of filled bottles and canes. Before reaching the labeling process bottles to be completely dried by our Cleantek high effective air jet products.

Application of Air Knife:

  • Remove water Particles from Bottle, Pouch, package, Any kind Products
  • Cooling of hot Products from process
  • Cleaning of Dust, Metal debris from various production process
  • Copper Wire Cleaning
  • Conveyor Cleaning
  • Parts Cleaning and Drying
  • Vegetables Cleaning
  • Bottle Cleaning
  • Drying or blow-off,
  • Debris blow-off/static control,
  • Coating control
  • Engine Parts Cleaning
  • Rubber Sheet Drying and wiping

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Version Construction
  • Uniform and Steady Airflow and constant Pressure
  • Air gap slots can be adjusted as per your requirements
  • Maintenance Free & Safe to use
  • Low power consumption.

Cleantek manufacturing custom made length air knives as per the client requirements with low consumption regenerative blower.

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