Aeration System:

Aeration is the process mix or dissolve the oxygen in liquid. The efficiency of aeration process depends on the amount of surface contact between air and water. Aeration is most important in waste water treatment plant to improve the water quality to reuse. Our Ring Blowers are used for high quality aeration in waste water treatment Devices. High volume of air is pushed into the water and produce lot of air Bubbles. This air bubbles contain more volume of o2 and it is mixed with water during aeration process.

Oxygen is required to purify the water during aeration system toxic ammonia level is come down. Some kind of bacteria are used to breakdown the sludge and purify the water.

Aeration blower
We are the leading oxygen blower suppliers in Aquaculture.
Our Ring Blower system are used to increase the dissolved
Oxygen Level in an Lake / Pond Aquaculture units. Our blowers
are Cost Effective and Low maintenance.

The following chemicals are removed or oxidized by water aeration by ring blower.

• Volatile organic chemicals, such as benzene , or trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, and perchloroethylene
• Ammonia
• Chlorine
• Carbon dioxide
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Methane
• Iron and Manganese

Cleantek manufacturing aeration ring blowers  are most economical and energy efficient for aerating device for water water treatment plant, Fish Pond Aeration, Pond and Lake Aeration applications.

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