Ring blower:

Ring Blower are available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller) configurations.
The impeller is directly mounted to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction.
The bearings are outside the air compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability & durability under
high differential pressure.


Cleantek Manufacturing turbine blower in various airflow and pressure capacity.

This Turbine / ring blower available is 2 different designs.

1. Single stage Turbine Blower

2. Double Stage Ring Blower

Our Turbine Blower models available in 45 cmh to 1500 cmh airflow capacity.


1. STP & ETP air supply

2. Any air agitation

3. Ballon & Gloves testing

4. Printing

5. Spa Air Supply

6. Methane Air supply etc…

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