1 Hp Ring Blower for Bio Floc:

1 Hp Ring Blower for bio floc air pump manufactured by CLEANTEK and it is used in  Bio floc aeration applications.

Ring blower Single stage models used  for High volume and medium pressure applications like water aeration and oxygen supply upto 3 meter water height. Double stage Blowers are used for Less Volume with high pressure applications like Sewage water Treatment.

Ring Blower 1 Hp
Ring Blower 1 Hp, Aeration Blower,Double stage Ring Blower, Aquaponics Air Blower

Cleantek Manufacturing aquaculture Industrial 1 hp Ring Blower air pump blowers for pond aeration in fish farms, air agitation in electroplating industry.

Cleantek manufacturing Bio floc Fish Pond Blower and Air Blower for Bio floc Fish farming aeration purpose. Air is most important for Fish growing and live in the fish pond. In Night time oxygen level is going very low in fish ponds. So its necessary to supply fresh air into the water.

Best quality 1 Hp Ring blower for bio floc are available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller) configurations. The diecasting impeller fan is directly mounted to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without friction. Best quality Aquaculture Biofloc Pump manufactured by Cleantek, Chennai and Coimbatore.

1 Hp Ring Blower for Bio floc Usage:

  • Aeration in Bio floc for 4 meter tanks
  • Ring Blower air pump for air agitation
  • Bio floc Fish Farming Aeration and aquarium fish farming
  • Ring Blower for Pond and Bio floc Oxygen supply

Available Models:

  • Ring Blower 0.5 Hp
  • Ring Blower 1 Hp
  • Ring Blower 1.5 Hp
  • Ring Blower 2 Hp
  • Bet Drive Ring Blower

Biofloc Blower Video:

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