Fume Extractor:

Welding fumes are a hazardous contents of toxic fumes, gases and particles.These are breathed in through the mouth and nose of workers in shop floor. Machine attached with smoke extraction arm capture the smoke easily due to the 360 degree rotating design.

Cleantek manufacturing Welding smoke extraction unit, Exhaust unit,Centralized welding fume extractor, Fume Exhaust hood,clean air systems,Laboratory fume hoods, etc.

Cleantek manufacturing Welding smoke extraction unit, Fume Exhaust unit,Spot Extractor,Laser cutter dust collector, Laser cutter fume extractor, Smoke extraction arm,Soldering fume exhaust,Solder smoke absorber etc.

Machine designed to extract VOC fumes and odors and prevent them from entering an operator’s breathing zone. Equipment designed to extract Hazardous fume filtration with four stage Filter unit like Moisture metal Filter,Pre Filter,Carbon Filter, 3 Micron Cartridge Filter

Portable wheels attached so Easy to move one place to another place.
Suitable for continuous working without any trouble. CE approved IE2 induction motor for energy efficiency.
Digitally balanced impeller fan with High rate of suction airflow

High purifying efficiency is more than 99.9 % and pure air is discharge to workshop atmosphere.
Electronic panel board for “Filter cleaning stage” warning.
Spark arrester, Multi stage filters and Electrostatic filter is easy to clean.

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