Centrifugal Blower:

Cleantek designs and manufacturing various kind centrifugal air blowers, Air Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Air supply unit  for suction and pressure applications.

The sucked air enters the impeller in an axial direction and is discharged at the impeller outer periphery delivery port. The air flow moves along the centrifugal direction. Somebody centrifugal blower fans are called radial flow type fans. Centrifugal fans are capable of generating relatively high pressures.

Cleantek manufacturing centrifugal blower fan for ventilation, combustion, transporting materials, cooling and heating systems, dust control, air conveyor systems.These air supply unit fans are particularly suitable for extraction of polluted air environment like cement factories, Paper mills, foundries etc…

We make heavy duty industrial blower fan,Industrial portable air blower,High pressure centrifugal blower as per client requirements.

Our Blower Types:
Pressure Blowers ( High Pressure and Less Volume of Air)
Volume Blowers ( High Volume Airflow and Less Pressure)
Multistage Blowers ( High pressure Type)

Applications Blowers:

  • Paint Fume Extraction
  • Welding Fume Exhaust
  • Ventilation for Various Industries
  • Cooling of Hot Products
  • Dust Blow off
  • Bottle conveying

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