Mist Collector

Mist Collector Manufacturers:

Cleantek is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and we are the mist collector manufacturers in India provide clean air workplace. This machine is designed for extracting the oil mist, mist fume from machine tools. Mist elimination is the process to extract the vapors, fumes and oil mist. We producing two kind of mist collectors like centrifugal type mist collector and Electrostatic mist collector. Air filtration is most important in workplace due to workers safety and following government rules and regulations. Our centralized model mist collectors are used for air filtration in multiple CNC machine.

Oil mist fumes is fine micro particles generated when oil or coolant reach a high temperature and it evaporates to fume condition. The size of the oil mist depends on the conditions of the heating during the machining operation. It size between 0.1µm to 3 µm, and returns to the original oil when it condenses by filtration and cooling process.

Cleantek Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector is designed to extract the fumes from individual machine or in combination with 2 or 3 centralized CNC wet machines. Our Mist Collector completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered various filtration stages. Filters are designed to change and easy to clean quickly. Filtered oil or coolant returned to oil sump. Our mist collector ensures increased productivity and morale improves by providing a cleaner hygienic working environment.

Mist collector
vaporization of lubricating and cooling cutting fluid, causing a
large amount of oil mist fume containing toxic harmful is come out.
It is a serious threat to workers health and factory Atmosphere.

Mist filtration device available in different designs to suit as per client requirements like Machine mounted design, wall mounted or floor mounted in standalone designs. Our engineers will suggest as per your application for better efficiency. Major mist collector design are centrifugal type and electrostatic precipitation type. Centrifugal type assure 90-95 % efficiency and electrostatic type around 99.9 % efficiency.  Centrifugal type Mist collector price is cheaper than electrostatic type.

Machine Features:

  • High Performance oil mist collectors
  • Efficient Filtration and recycling up to 99 %
  • Easy to mount with CNC machine and other machine tools
  • Modern design as per current requirement
  • Vibration free and low noise level
  • Easy to interface with CNC machine control panel
  • OEM designs for special Tool room machine manufacturers
  • Multistage filtration
  • Attached with Chocked filter indication alert device
  • Economical Price