Laser Dust Collector for fibre laser dust extraction and fume extraction

CNC Laser Fume Extractor is Mandatory for all kind of Laser cutting machine in order to suck & collect the Dust and Fume Particles.

We are the  CNC laser fume extractor manufacturers for laser cutting machine. It sucks dust and fume from laser processing machine. Our Machine are used to Suck and Filter, During Laser cutting Process in Various Laser Cutting Process.

Laser process produce hazardous dust and harmful fume , it is most dangerous for workers in shop floor. Our machine extract the all dust and fume and filter it threw the cartridge filter. Pure air is exhausted after filtration. 

Our systems assures air purification upto 99.9 % of laser fumes and dust particles. These fume extractors are available in stationary or portable version. Our products are cost effective, reliable and value for money. Laser fume extractor extract the toxic airborne Dust particles and fume from the laser marking applications.

Cleantek Laser Fume Extractor is designed to extract VOC fumes and micro dust  to  prevent them from entering an operator’s breathing zone. Laser fume extraction Unit attached with a portable wheels frame to move wherever fume extraction is required. Big laser Fume Filtration Unit attached with a modern cartridge  filtration system with high efficiency automatic filter cleaning device. Fume extractor consist of 4 stage filtration with modern electrostatic filtration system, pre filter, carbon filter etc…. This electrostatic filtration requires periodic cleaning only and no need to replace it. The Extractor Features four stage filtration and purification. System controlled by a control panel operated at 230 V / 50 hz or 415 V / 50 Hz.


  • Compact in Size
  • Filtration capacity @99.9 %
  • Multiple filtration stages
  • Filter easy to replace & maintenance
  • Continuous running IP55 Induction motor
  • Available in 100 cmh to 20000 cmh airflow extraction capacity
  • Optional Flame proof motor
Laser Dust Extraction
Laser Fume & Dust Extractor