Petroleum, Coal, Plastics & Rubber industries are highly sensitive industries, wherein each and every operation needs to be done with extreme care. Cleantek producing supreme quality hopper loader, pneumatic conveying systems,dust collection systems,cleaning equipments for these industries. We produce reliable and safe cleaning equipments for Petroleum, Coal, Plastics & Rubber industries. We also offer custom cleaning solutions for these industries.

Hopper Loader:

Hopper Loader or Vacuum Conveyors is an easy and high efficiency method of / Transferring moving / conveying fine chips, powders, Granulated material, Spice powders, Food powders,medical Capsules, and other Small particles in an enclosed system and Clean Hygienic manner.

Dust Collector:

Dust Collector Machine is used to extract the dust particles from the machining process, Packing Process, Grinding Process,Wood Cutting process Etc..Our Dust Collecting Machine is used in Plastic injection moulding grinding Dust Extraction,Graphite Dust Extraction,Tablet Packing Dust Extraction, etc…High volume of air is used to extract the dust from the process.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek design and manufacturing wet & dry vacuum cleaners.Keep the work floor clean and free from any dust, dirt, mites etc.Develop hygienic environment, good health and safety aspects for workers.. Our model was developed to meet the requirements for vacuuming dust and powder, solid and liquid materials and is equipped with direct drive induction vacuum motor which requires no maintenance.