First impressions are crucial, especially in hotels. Cleantek facilitates excellent cleaning results for hotels. We produce world class vacuum cleaners, commercial kitchen exhaust system manufacturer,dust collectors, floor cleaner scrubber drier, exclusively designed for hotel industry. We offer top-performing and efficient equipments to clean your hotel from top to bottom with ease. We help you to ensure yours as the best-kept hotel and receive appreciations from your customers.

Scrubber drier:

Scrubber dryer machines combine the scrubbing function of a rotary brush cleaning machine with the suction capabilities of a vacuum cleaner & scrubber allowing both cleaning processes to be carried out in a single pass.

Kitchen Fume Exhaust:

Cleantek manufacturing fume exhaust system with ducting system. High volume blowers assures the high efficiency and sufficient ventilation for workers. Kitchen ventilation Fume Exhaust system available with electrostatic precipitator unit for 99 .9 %  filtration efficiency. cleantek make High volume blowers are exported to various countries to extract the kitchen fume exhaust applications. We supply OEM blowers as per client requirements.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek offer different kind of vacuum cleaners suitable for Room cleaning and other general cleaning applications. This models handle both wet & dry applications.

Centralized vacuum cleaner:
Cleantek design and supply centralized vacuum cleaners suitable for hotels, individual house, Factories etc.. Multipoint centralized vacuum cleaners are occupies less space and easy to use. Only suction points are provided to each room or place. All suction points are connected by piping to the centralized suction producer cum filter unit. All dust and debris are collected in one place.