We make top quality cleaning equipment for healthcare industry. Hygienic cleaning, while ensuring perfect disinfection and sterilization is essential in healthcare industry. Cleantek diverse cleaning equipment including compact vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner,vacuum cleaners, Centralized multi point suction unit offer perfect solutions for healthcare industry. Our cleaning equipment meet the necessary standards and norms of healthcare industry.

HEPA vacuum cleaner:

Cleantek design and manufacturing HEPA vacuum cleaners.Keep the work floor clean and free from any dust, dirt, mites etc.Develop hygienic environment, good health and safety aspects for workers..

Anti-static Vacuum cleaner:

Cleantek manufacturing pneumatic vacuum cleaner and explosion proof vacuum cleaner suitable for pharma and test lab applications. Anti-static vacuum cleaners used in medical industry for safer cleaning operations. This vacuum cleaner supply with anti-static accessories and  copper winded anti-static suction hose.

Cleantek mfg compact stainless steel made dust collector for dust produced from pharma tablet packing machines. Pharma industry need high efficiency filtration unit because this dust are harmful and dangerous, requiring an effective dust collection system.