Food & Beverages Industry:

Food processing equipments need to be regularly cleaned ( air knife,air blowers,Industrial vacuum cleaners,dust collectors)) to ensure a safe as well as efficient manufacturing environment. Cleantek offers top quality, versatile cleaning equipments that considerably bring down cleaning time, water as well as chemical consumption. Cleantek offers comprehensive portfolio of cleaning equipment with a wide range of sizes and capabilities for food and beverages industry. The following equipments are offered to Food & beverages Industry from cleantek.

Air knife:

An air knife is a pneumatic air tool used to blow off liquid or debris from products. Air knife Made in stainless steel attached with high volume air blower package unit. This automatic air knife blow the forced air to bottles after filling, so that all water and moistures are removed. Then it conveyed for packaging printing information.

Air Blowers:

Used for convey the bottles in the conveyor. also used for parts drying.

Industrial vacuum cleaner:

All food and beverages industries are keep their plant neat & clean and free from dust ,dirt. To achieve this industrial vacuum cleaners are helps. High vacuum force are created by this vacuum cleaner and various food and beverages cleaning tools are used to collect this dust inside vacuum cleaners.Variety of models are available in vacuum cleaner & selection as per your budget and applications.

Dust Collectors:

Various kind of dust collectors are used in Food industry to collect the dust form various process. For example during pouch packing dust is come out, to extract it dust collector are used.Our portable dust collectors is suitable for food processing dusts and powders, grinding dusts, fumes, odors from food grains processing. Our automatic pulse-jet dust collectors are useful Suction of dry powder dust materials are from batch mixing, cutting, conveying process.