Cleantek manufacturing and exporting some of the best dust collector,ring blowers, soldering fume extractors, welding fume extractors and various cleaning equipments for the automotive industry. Cleantek cleaning equipments are manufactured using the finest quality components and leading edge technology. To cater to the divergent requirements of automotive industry, we offer custom solutions. Energy efficiency and easy usage are the key benefits that cleantek equipments ensure for automotive industry.

Dust collector:

Dust Collector Machine is used to extract the dust particles from the machining process, Packing Process, Grinding Process,Wood Cutting process Etc..Our Dust Collecting Machine is used in Plastic injection moulding grinding Dust Extraction,Graphite Dust Extraction,Tablet Packing Dust Extraction, etc…High volume of air is used to extract the dust from the various grinding,cutting,welding,sandering, buffing process.

Ring Blowers:

Cleantek manufacturing ring blowers for air agitation in electroplating industry.Air agitation removes any salts, soaps, or alkaline cleaning products left on the surface of the metal.Ring blower air agitation is a mechanical agitation, which can be as simple as stirring the electrolyte while plating of products.