Aerospace & Defense are the crucial industries wherein safety and security or inevitable. We leave no stone unturned to produce excellent quality cleaning equipments like scrubber drier, industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collector, soldering fume extractor, welding fume extractor, air blowers for Aerospace & Defense sector. Our precision-grade equipments offer the right cleaning solutions for Aerospace & Defense systems. The rigorous requirements of the defense and aerospace industries make Cleantek cleaning equipments the perfect and reliable choice.

Soldering Fume Extractor:

Soldering fume are unbreathable.Cleantek soldering Fume Extractor is designed to extract VOC fumes and odors and prevent them from entering an operator’s breathing zone.CLEANTEK soldering fume purifier is manufactured for heavy duty industrial use to capture the pollution at source. Unit attached with a portable wheels frame to move wherever fume extraction is required. Fume extractor consist of 4 stage filtration with modern electrostatic filtration system.

Air Blowers:

Cleantek designs and manufacturing various kind air blowers for suction and pressure applications in industrial applications. The sucked air enters the impeller in an axial direction and is discharged at the impeller outer periphery delivery port. The air flow moves along the centrifugal direction.