Industrial Solutions We cater to numerous customers spread across the globe. Many of our customers are renowned names in their particular field of operions.

Food & Beverages

Food processing equipments need to be regularly cleaned to ensure a safe as well as efficient manufacturing environment. Cleantek offers top quality, versatile cleaning equipments that considerably bring down cleaning time, water as well as chemical consumption. Cleantek offers comprehensive portfolio of cleanining equipment with a wide range of sizes and capabilities for food and beverages industry.


Automobile industry is highly critical where safety and efficiency play a vital role. Perfect, clean equip-ments are a mandate in this industry. Cleantek possesses rich expertise in producing some of the out-standing cleaning equipments exclusively for automobile industry. Using state-of-art systems including well-designed paint booths, Cleantek provides features-rich cleaning equipments for automobile industry ensuring high-quality results.


First impressions are crucial, especially in hotels. Cleantek facilitates excellent cleaning results for hotels. We produce world class vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, floor cleaners, exclusively designed for hotel industry. We offer top-performing and efficient equipments to clean your hotel from top to bottom with ease. We help you to ensure yours as the best-kept hotel and receive appreciations from your customers.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical items are of highest importance as safety is paramount necessity in this industry. Cleantek has done adequate groundwork and has come up with topnotch equipments for electrical appliances industry. We have unique dust collectors, vacuum cleaners, fume extractors, and other such cleaning equipments helping to ensure superior cleanliness without compromising the safety aspects of electrical appliances.

Textiles Leather & Apparel

While it is inevitable that dyeing and other processing activities’ crucial role in the Textiles, Leather & Apparel segments, it is also critically important to ensure a clean and perfect environment and outputs. The stringent regulations and standards require these industries to maintain cleanliness end-to-end in all their processes. Cleantek has some of the best cleaning equipments for Textiles, Leather & Apparel industries.

Wood Paper & Printing

Cleantek offers technologically superior cleaning equipments to Wood, Paper & Printing industries to produce desired results. The processes are complex and involve careful handling in each and every phase in these industries. We offer reliable solutions for cleaning in Wood, Paper & Printing industries. Our vacuum cleaners, dust collectors and other such top quality equipments are uniquely designed for Wood, Paper & Printing industries.


Intensive and deep cleaning is our specialty offering for transportation industry. Cleantek provides carefully developed cleaning equipments to clean exteriors as well as interiors of vehicles. Our cleaning equipments ensure bringing down time and cost, while ensuring best cleaning results for the transportation industry. Our cleaning equipments fulfill all necessary standards and regulations required for transportation industry.

Petroleum, Coal Plastics & Rubber

Petroleum, Coal, Plastics & Rubber industries are highly sensitive industries, wherein each and every operation needs to be done with extreme care. Cleantek is expert in producing supreme quality cleaning equipments for these industries. We produce reliable and safe cleaning equipments for Petroleum, Coal, Plastics & Rubber industries. We also offer custom cleaning solutions for these industries.


We produce top quality cleaning equipments for healthcare industry. Hygienic cleaning, while ensuring perfect disinfection and sterilization is essential in healthcare industry. Cleantek’s diverse cleaning equipments including dust collectors, vacuum cleaners offer perfect solutions for healthcare industry. Our cleaning equipments meet the necessary standards and norms of healthcare industry.


Cleanteck offer some of the best deep cleaning and high pressure cleaning equipments for the automotive industry. Cleantek cleaning equipments are manufactured using the finest quality components and leading edge technology. To cater to the divergent requirements of automotive industry, we offer custom solutions. Energy efficiency and easy usage are the key benefits that cleantek equipments ensure for automotive industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense are the crucial industries wherein safety and security or inevitable. We leave no stone unturned to produce excellent quality cleaning equipments for Aerospace & Defense sector. Our precision-grade equipments offer the right cleaning solutions for Aerospace & Defense systems. The rigorous requirments of the defense and aerospace industries make Cleanteck cleaning equipments the perfect and reliable choice.


Cleanteck’s cleaning equipments are of superior quality and meets unique needs of retail industry. Our vacuum cleaners, dust collectors and other such cleaning equipments are well-suited for retail sector. Our cleaning equipments can be customized according to your needs. Cleantek cleaning equipments ensure maintaining a clean, healthy environment in the retail business. Cost saving and efficient operations can be realized at a shorter duration with cleantek equipments.


Quality and Service of the Ring Blower is very good. Thanks to Cleantek.

V Deivasigamani, Sri Arul Murugan Textiles P Ltd

Very Happy To Have A Friendly Client Like You . Time To Time Delivery Is Very Good ,The Side Channel Blower Bought From Clean Tek Is Working In A Very Good Way . The Response From Your Side Is Always Good . The Performance Of The Motor Is Also Very Good , And The Finishing Side Channel Blower Is Also In Standard Way.

Sivakumar, Tamilnadu.

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