Industrial air blower manufacturers

By admin / on Jun 12, 2020

Industrial air blower manufacturers:

We are the quality industrial air blower manufacturers for dust collection and fume extraction applications. Our centrifugal air blowers are designed in high airflow extraction capacity. Both direct drive and belt drive blowers we are manufacturing to suit various industrial fume exhaust applications. Our high pressure blowers are used in pneumatic conveying process to convey the powder and parts.

We supply reverse curve centrifugal fan, single inlet blower, room ventilation blowers etc..our industrial air Blower Fan Capacity from 300 to 35000 m3/hr.

Cleantek manufacturing low pressure blowers, medium pressure blowers and high pressure blowers. Also we are making belt drive blower models.

Applications of Air Blowers:

Dust collection

Room ventilation
Paint Fume Extraction
Welding Fume Exhaust
Ventilation for Various Industries
Cooling of Hot Products
Dust Blow off
Bottle conveying
Power Conveying
Parts Drying

Fume and vapor exhaust