Hot Air Blower drying

Hot Air Blower Manufacturers and Suppliers:

We are the best quality Hot Air Blower manufacturers in Coimbatore India. Cleantek is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company engaged in producing Hot Air Blower ( Centrifugal blower) with high temperature air for various applications. Cleantek Hot Air Technology Blowers used in various applications in industries. Electric Heater Blower available in various price ranges and Price starts from Rs.15,000/-. We are the high quality Heat Blower Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

Hot Air Blower drying
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High temperature air used for parts drying, moisture removal, seeds drying, water blow off, Food preservation, Sterilization etc.

Blower fan like high pressure type, backward inclined curve fans available with dynamically balanced impeller fan.

Cleantek high temperature industrial fans supply air upto 300 degree Celsius. Further airflow supply capacity upto 15000 CMH .

High temperature air blower used in industries for air heating and drying applications. Size of the unit is compact and easy to handle. Electronic control panel for adjusting temperature quickly. Manual damper valve control the air volume.

Hot Air Blower unit constructed with stainless steel, high temperature withstanding gasket and enclosed with air tight chamber. High quality temperature insulation assure no heat leakages. Belt drive and direct drive version available with high temperature withstanding gasket, air cooled shaft, Bearing and paint coating etc..

A smart control panel control current consumption, voltage and thermal protection.

Cleantek manufacturing high temperature air blower and fan as per client requirements. Cleantek design and supply custom made Heat Blowers.

Hot Air Applications:

  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Food Products Drying
  • Drying Ovens
  • Industrial ovens
  • Metal parts drying
  • Medical hot air sterilization
  • Powder coating
  • Wood parts drying
  • Hot air circulation use
  • Any kind of Heating process
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