About us

Manufacturers and Exporters of vacuum cleaner, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, vacuum cleaner, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Mist Collectors, Ring Blower, Centrifugal Air Blower, Downdraft table, Hopper Loaders, Wood Dust Collector, Pneumatic Conveying System, Paint Booth etc. We are the Leading Industrial vacuum cleaner Manufacturers and cleaning equipment in India.

CLEANTEK® is a leading manufacturer supplying customized industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment & Cleaning Equipment for various industries like Automobile, Textile, Food & Pharma, Engineering and Rubber industries. Cleantek manufacturing vacuum cleaner ,Industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collector, welding fume extractor, oil mist collector, wood dust collector, air blower, centrifugal air blower, ring blower, Hopper loader, air knife,vacuum conveying systems, paint booth, Floor cleaning equipment etc.

We are the ring blower manufacturers in Coimbatore and supply to all over India and export to overseas country. Our professional trained technical engineers visit client places after their technical studies will submit our offers. Also our Technical engineering Team design and suggest the suitable products. Further our products are install by our engineers.

We are the ISO 9001-2015 certified company manufacturing high quality products and support to India CLEAN & GREEN.


Cleantek® is and best quality and service support industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers in Coimbatore. Further we are the Manufacturer of Dust Collector and Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector for kind of industries dust collection applications.

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