CLEANTEK is an leading Manufacturer of Floor cleaning Scrubber Drier, Spinning mill Industrial Vacuum Cleaners,Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors in India. Our machine is used to clean Textile Fibres in machine and Floor, Walls and Roof. Our Machines are used in M/s. SivaGuru Spinning Mills, M/s. ThiruMurugan Spg Mills, M/s. JG Spg Mills, M/s. Loocust Spg Mills, M/s. Andal Spg Mills etc….

CLEANTEK Manufacturing floor cleaning Equipment’s like vacuum cleaner, scrubber drier, Blowers etc… Our new version floor scrubber drier is compact in size and working very effectively.

Machine Features:

Stainless steel frame Construction to avoid corrosion

Easy to operate and maintenance

Compact in size

Combined features both scrubbing and vacuuming

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