Dust Extraction and Fume Purification:

Cleantek manufacturing high quality Industrial fan, Fume Exhaust fan, Centrifugal blowers etc for all kind usage in  ventilation, Fume Extraction, air purification and dust collection systems etc..

Wood cutting machine with dust collector machine is one of our customized dust collection system for furniture industry. Our wood dust collector is connected with edge banding machine , saw cutter, beam saw machine to extract the dust during cutting applications. We are the dust collector supplier in coimbatore and supplying to over all India and UAE, Sri Lanka,  South Africa etc..

Centralized Dust Collection System
Centralized Dust Collection System, Multi Point Dust Collector



Using wood dust collection systems will be to the great benefit to any woodworker will keep dust out of the way, ensuring that the machine surfaces your work on will be kept clean and, well, workable. Wood dust collection system protect your health from hazardous dust. Dust collection system is great benefit for woodworkers and woodworking, furniture manufacturing industry in the following way. Clean workplace, dust free air, fire risk safety, Keep hygienic environment, etc…

Vacuum cleaner:

Cleantek manufacturing vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, explosion proof vacuum cleaners, pneumatic vacuum cleaner for all kind of industrial floor cleaning, machine cleaning etc…

Dust Collector:

Cleantek manufacturing dust collector for dust collection, Sand collection, dust extraction applications etc… Dust Filters are cleaned by manual filter shaker or automatic filter cleaning system.