Dust collection


Dust collector Machine:

Cleantek newly designed and developed Dental dust and particulate extraction systems, Pharmaceutical Dust extraction systems, Mobile Dust extraction systems, Baghouse Dust Collector in stainless steel construction.

Rubber Grinding Dust Collector
Grinding Dust Collection System

Dust Extraction systems are need for increased Productivity, quality production and a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing plants. For that applications Cleantek design and developed dust Source capture system with dust capturing hoods. Our dust collection system has multi level filtrations like , cloth filter, paper filter, HEPA filter also. To maintain constant airflow filters are cleaned automatically or Filter shakers. Some special features of our machine like strong suction power, high airflow, compact size, IE2 / IE3 Energy efficient motor and very low noise level. We offer custom made dust collection units for OEM clients in stainless steel version.

  • High Efficiency Impeller Fan
  • Heavy Duty Filter Module
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning system
  • Heavy Duty Modular Construction
  • Good Designed Air to Cloth Ratio
  • Filter Maintenance Door
  • Custom made suction Hoods
  • Control Panel
  • Inbuilt Silencer
  • Easy to remove the Collection Tank
  • Epoxy Power coated 
  • After sales service support 


Dust Collection System:

Cleantek UDC models dust Collectors are suitable to extract the abrasive dust from any kind of Belt Grinders, CNC cutter, Disc Sanders, Bench Grinders, Cutting Machines etc…Cleantek making design ducting and dust collector to suck the dust from any kind of process. Each machinery connected with suction ducting to the centralized dust collector. Central Dust collector handle large quantity of dust and produce higher velocity to extract the dust from multi points and from long distance. Dust Collectors are connected with high efficient cyclone separator extraction unit.