Paint Booth:

we are the dry paint booth manufacturers in Coimbatore,India in various models and designs. Professional manufacturers of  all kind of paint fume extractor and mist extraction systems. Our high airflow suction booth extract the over spray paint fume easily. Our machines are used in automobile industry, Indian railway spares suppliers, Pump industries, textile spares industry etc..

How Paint Booth Working ?
The Excess-sprayed solvent and paint particles will be sucked together with the exhausted air.

The filtering of the air happens by means of the special paper labyrinth paper filter. Approximately 90-95 % of the excess-sprayed paint is adhering on this filter.

Dry Paint Booth
Dry Paint Booth for Furniture Industry

Cleantek manufacturing both dry paint booth and wet paint booths for paint fume dust extraction and high performance in painting.

Cleantek Dry type spray booth is an enclosed workstation designed for the capture of aerosol and spray paint Over spray and fine mist fumes. The system suck and filter the paint mist using a paint arrestance prefilter and exhausts harmful VOC fumes outside to protect operators. Dry type models used in Common applications included Pumps, motors, valves, gear boxes, toys mfg, manufacturing coatings and other airborne paint fume extraction applications. We are doing custom made bench spray booth as per client required size.

We are the high quality dry paint booth manufacturers in south India and doing after sales service support. Cleantek design and manufacturing bench spray paint booths, Industrial paint booths as per client requirements.

If you are inhaled paint fumes, then you might suffer from the following symptoms:

dry Paint fume suction
Dry paint Booth Manufacturers
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Headaches & Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in speaking & Vision
  • Weakness & Sick
  • Disorientation
  • Depression

It is advised to paint with good ventilation paint booth to make sure the circulation of fresh air also wear the masks while painting or around the areas being painted. In all industry maintaining a clean workplace may help keep work members safe, healthy and efficient.

Paint booth Technical specifications:

SN Technical parameters DPB300 DPB500
1 Suction motor power in KW 2.2 3.7
2 Filtration Type Dry Type Dry Type
3 Filtration stage 2 stage 2 stage
4 Lighting Yes Yes
5 Exhaust duct length 1 Meter 1 meter
6 Filter Type Replaceable Replaceable


We are making paint booth in various models and sizes contact us for more details.

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