Dust Collection

Cyclone Dust Collector:

Cleantek manufacturing cyclone dust collector suitable for electrical capacitor metal powder coating dust collection application, rubber dust collection and bulk dust collection applications.

Cyclone Dust Collector Working principle:

In cyclone system Dusty air enters tangentially into the cyclone separator and due to centrifugal velocity air force moves the big dust against the cone wall, out of the airstream, to bottom side storage and collection unit. Air stream with some quantity of fine dust come out of the Cyclone separator top side and it is further moves into the  connected to the filtration unit. In filtration unit all the fine dust are filtered and pure air is sent out to atmosphere.

Dust Collection
Cyclone Dust Collector for dust collection:

During metal spray coating Large quantity of powder sprayed with high pressure air during coating. Certain Part of dust is come out and it is dangerous to workers. Our cleantek cyclone dust collector extract the dust with high pressure stream air. In first stage dust is dropped in cyclone and then it passed vertical chamber. Most of the dust are filtered and few quantity is deposited in filters. Cartridge Filters or bag filters cleaned by automatic filter cleaning system with compressed air.

Dust collector supplied complete digitally balanced impeller fan and continuous duty IE2 induction motor. Dust collector available in various size and high volume handling capacity. Cleantek Manufacturing high efficiency cost effective cyclone dust collector for bulk dust collection applications. Also our machine used to separate the heavy dust and fine dust. Cleantek cyclone dust collection unit supplied in various industries like Garment industry,  plastic and rubber industry.

Cleantek manufacturing Compact dust collectors, Portable dust collector, Bag filters etc…

Cyclone Dust Collector Video: