Dust Collection System
Cleantek Manufacturing Welding Fume Extractor, Dust Collector, Air Blowers, Mist Collector etc...

Cleantek Products:

We are one of the well known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of extensive assortment of complete range of cleaning equipment and pollution control equipment. We are dedicated to solving on site cleaning problems and helping to achieve high standards in a variety of industries.

Cleantek design and Manufacturing various models in following products.

Spot Extractor Manufacturers
Oil Mist Collector Manufacturers
Portable Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Suppliers in India
Floor Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers
Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers
Fume Purifier Manufacturers
Dust Collector Manufacturers
Grinder Dust Collector Manufacturers
Paint Booth Manufacturers
Paint Mist Extractor Manufacturers
Paint Fume Extractor Manufacturers
Paint Booth Filter Manufacturers
Portable Dust Collector Manufacturers
Fume Extraction System Manufacturers
Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers
Vacuum Cleaner Spares Suppliers
Dust Collector Filter Manufacturers
Air Knife Manufacturers
Fume Extraction System for Welding
Welding Table Manufacturers
Down Draft Table Manufacturers
Grinding Dust Extraction Table Manufacturers
Hopper Loader Manufacturers
Powder Conveying System Manufacturers
Plastic Hopper Loader Manufacturers
Hopper Loader For Powder Manufacturers
Hopper Loader Vacuum Conveying system Manufacturers
Hopper Loader for Injection Moulding machine

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