centralized dust collector for multi point dust collection

Centralized Dust Collector:

We are the centralized dust collector manufacturers and producing centralized dust collection system ,multi point dust collection system for wood processing machines. We are the custom made centralized dust collector manufacturers in India. In wood cutting and processing machine produce fine dust and chips and it affect the workers nearby the machine. Multi point dust collection system is easy to extract the dust away from various processing and production machines.

Centralized Dust Collector for multi point dust collection
Cleantek making design ducting and dust collector to suck the wood dust.

Wood cutting machine dust coming outlets are connected with suction piping and dust are extracted away from the machine. So workers are safe from hazards dust and inhaling of this kind of dust. In furniture industry need to control the fine dust from wood cutting and here centralized dust collector in more helpful to control the dust.

Heavy dust suction fan designed to extract the heavy dust from multipoint from processing machines. Filters to be cleaned on every ShiftWise depends upon the quantity of dust collection.

We are the leading and high quality centralized dust collector manufacturers in India. In centralized woodworking dust collector used to extract the dust from Panel saw, Edge banding machine, Beam saw, Wood router, polishing machine etc…

Further we are making all kind of individual wood dust collector in various collection capacity and airflow range. Single bag dust collector, double bag dust collector and multi bag dust collection system.

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