Biofloc ring blower aeration

Biofloc Ring Blower:

Cleantek Manufacturers of Biofloc Ring Blowers for pond aeration in fish farms. Our Blowers are 100 % oil free and supply high volume air supply with medium pressure. Fish pond aeration in biofloc system is most important for fish alive in the water. Comparing the other vacuum pumps and compressors our blowers are highly efficient and economic. 30 % Oxygen is must for fish alive in water , So our biofloc Ring Blowers mostly used in fish farms, all kind of aqua farms, Sea Foods manufacturing plants. Various sizes of diffusers are used to with our ring blowers.

air agitation blowers
We are the leading manufacturers of air Agitation Blowers for aeration and electro plating application’s .Water aeration remove the dissolved gas like carbon dioxide and oxidizes dissolved metal like Iron, Hydrogen sulfide etc. From water. Small bubbles of air create the turbulence action in water so that easily mixed gases are come out from the water.

The Cleantek biofloc Ring blower is a non-positive displacement, high volume, low pressure blower that can operate as air supply to biofloc tanks. It is also known by other names such as re-generative blower, Turbine Blower, Vortex Blower and Side Channel Blower. Best Quality Aquaculture Biofloc Aeration Blower supplied to all over India and Abroad.

Our biofloc Ring Blower system are used to increase the dissolved Oxygen Level in an biofloc tank /  Lake / Pond Aquaculture units. Our blowers are direct drive and it is  compact in size, low Cost ,Low maintenance.

Aquaculture Ring Blower Video:

Blower Features:

  • Oil free and F class Insulation
  • Continuous duty and Protection class is IP55.
  • Frequency 50 HZ & 60 HZ are available
  • Made of die cast aluminum
  • Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
  • Maintenance free, with high quality Double sealed long life bearings.
  • Smart Compact design and Low noise Level
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Motor and Belt Drive is available
  • Anti corrosion blower and special color also available