Axial Blower Fan ventilation

Cleantek manufacturing axial blower Fan for dust and fume extraction applications. Axial blowers have high volume air capacity and less pressure. Axial fan draws the air and blows forward to fan axis direction. Axial flow fan is generate more air volume with less pressure.  Axial fan Mostly used in following applications. Axial fans are manufactured with four or six blades and diameters upto 4 feet length depends upon the usage. Many of the Processing produce fumes and its to be exhausted away from the working area. Cleantek design custom made axial fan blades in various sizes and airflow capacity.Axial Blower Fan ventilation

  • Auditorium ventilation
  • Factory ventilation
  • Man cooler
  • Parts cooling
  • Fume Exhaust
  • Parts drying
  • Cooling tower
  • Textile mill humidification
  • Mine ventilation
  • Size range from 250 mm diameter up to 1200 mm diameter.

Axial Fan Manufacturer:


We are the axial fan manufacturers in Coimbatore and installed all over India and Abroad.

Axial Fan Advantages:

  • High Volume of air
  • Medium Pressure
  • Light Weight
  • Less Maintenance

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