Dental Suction Motor

Fish Tank Aeration:

We are the manufacturers of Fish tank aeration Blowers. Also we are the leading Aquaculture fish tank manufacturers in India. Our blower are available in various airflow and pressure capacity.


We are the leading oxygen blower suppliers in Aquaculture.
Our Ring Blower system are used to increase the dissolved
Oxygen Level in an Lake / Pond Aquaculture units. Our blowers
are Cost Effective and Low maintenance.


Biofloc air blower
Shrimp farming Blowers
Aquaculture Blowers
Fish farm Blowers
Sewage Treatment Blowers
Aqua Blowers
Electro Plating Equipment Blowers
Air Agitation Blowers
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Fish Tank Aeration
Fish farm oxygen Supply
Fish Farming air Supply
Aquaculture Blower air Supply
Sea Food air Supply



Technical data sheet  download here.