Air Knife for bottle drying

Air Knife Drying System:

Cleantek manufacturing Air Knife Drying System is very useful for drying liquor bottles after filling. In Liquor production line after filling the bottles or canes are move to coding and labelling process. The wet moisture affect the printing quality and rejection of filled bottles and canes. Before reaching the labeling process bottles to be completely dried by our cleantek high effective air knife system. This drying process  is mandatory in all kind of beverage packaging industry. We suggest our various length stainless steel Air Knife Drying System for drying liquor bottles in liquor industries to dry the excess liquor or wet moisture in and around the canes and bottles.

Our high volume and medium pressure side channel blower increase the drying effect very high compare with compressed air. Excessive residual liquid and water in the bottle body will affect the packaging process and Printing process. We are the leading professional manufacturers of stainless steel models.

Air Knife for Moisture removal
Air Knife, Air Knives:

Air knives  used for drying water Particles, moisture  from Bottle, canes, Pouch, package, glass parts, metal parts etc. Also used for dust blow off from conveyors, production parts etc… Air knife also called as high volume air knives used for parts drying, Air knife drying system for Liquor bottle and Cane and moisture drying. Air blow-off application suitable for metal parts and food packaging.

Parts drying
Air Knife Manufacturers
Air Knife
Air knife for Drying Applications

Product Features:

  • Compact in Size
  • Latest design and effective working
  • Food grade rust free stainless steel construction with Long Life operation
  • High Efficiency
  • Adjustable airflow delivery slots
  • Stainless steel mounting options
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy to Install and no maintenance
  • Low price with installation support

This Air knives are widely supplied in a variety of industries Like automobiles, electronics, chemical industry, PCB manufacturing industry, metal processing, Food packaging, paper printing etc.

Air Knife Applications:

  • Rubber Parts Drying
  • Automobile parts cleaning and Drying
  • Bottles Drying Before Laser Printing