Biofloc aeration

Aeration Blower For STP, ETP and Biofloc Applications:

Blower Aeration allow aerobic bio-degradation process of the pollutant components in the waste water. High pressure Ring blower supply air into water and it is utilized by bacteria in the waste water to break down the organic matter containing carbon to form carbon dioxide and water.Manufacturers of ring blower

Cleantek manufacturing ring blower more than 50 models in various airflow capacity. Available in single phase and Three phase voltage models. Special kind of Belt drive blower available to connect with diesel engines.

In fish fond fishes and prawns absorb oxygen through direct contact with water, content of dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in fish growing and live in fish farming. Oxygen also helps to control the effects of temperature of the water. Sufficient oxygen is required for fishes to live in water. Air blowers will lower CO2 levels through a chemical reaction in fish pond water. Air Blower provide enough oxygen for your aquarium for healthy fish farm.