Trim Suction System

Product Description

CLEANTEK design and manufacturing Industrial dust Extraction / Suction equipment since 2006. We are the leading manufacturers of cleaning and pollution control equipment’s. CLEANTEK manufacturing trim suction system for paper and pulp trim extraction in printing industry. Our high pressure blower develop continuous suction on suction nozzle to suck the continuous trim from machinery.


Available models:


  • Trim Removal Systems
  • Paper Trim Extraction Systems
  • Cut Trim With Venturi System
  • Waste and Trim Extraction System
  • Paper Waste Extraction System
  • Continuous Trim Extraction System
  • Industrial Dust Control System


Trim Suction System:

Cleantek manufacturing Trim Suction units for waste trim collection from process machines.



Slitting Machine Trim extraction

Printing machine Edge Trim Extraction