Mist Collector for CNC machine
Mist Collector
Mist Collector for CNC machine

Mist Collector

Product Description

Cleantek Oil Mist Collector is available in various capacities and designs for easy execution where coolant and oil mist is problem. Our Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector is designed to use individually or in combination with 2 or 3 wet machining operations.


Cleantek  Mist Collector completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered various filtration process. Filters are designed to change and clean quickly. Our mist collector ensures increased productivity and morale improves by providing a cleaner working environment. Today, we are counted as the prospering Oil Mist Collection System Manufacturer in India. Cleantek offers both Centrifugal Oil Mist Collector and Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector.




  • Compact in Size
  • High Filtration Capacity upto 0.3 micron By Electrostatic Precipitator unit
  • Less Maintenance
  • High Efficiency




  • Available in various airflow capacities and filtration level
  • Filter is designed to change and clean quickly.
  • Increases productivity
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Provides a cleaner working environment


Parameters MC MC100 MC200 MC300
HP 0.5 1 2 3
Volts/Hz 415/50 415/50 415/50 415/50
Airflow in m3/Hr 600 1100 1850 2200
Speed in RPM 2880 2880 2880 2880
Suction inlet size in mm 75 100 125 150
Type of motor Bed Mounted / Flange Mounted Bed Mounted / Flange Mounted Bed Mounted Bed Mounted
Motor Protection IP55 IP55 IP55 IP55
Weight in kg 30 35 40 50
Insulation class F F F F


  • Employee health – Avoiding Skin problems, Respiratory problems, etc.
  • Avoid secondary accidents like slipping and falling due to oil mist deposition
  • Floating oil mist generate un pleasant odours, causing breathing difficulty which in turn may result in employee inattention and productivity loss
  • Oil Mist cause breakdown of electrical parts of machines