Downdraft Table for Grinding

Product Description

Cleantek down draft table is a self contained unit featuring High efficiency cartridge filters which are capable of filtering particle upto 3 microns and its filtering efficiency is rated at 99.9 %. Downdraft table is used in most of industries for grinding dust extraction, Buffing Dust Extraction, Welding dust Extraction etc.. Cleantek Downdraft Table designed for Capturing hazardous and combustible dusts during any kind of grinding, cutting , deburring ,Buffing and product finishing applications.


Dust is deposited in high filtration capacity German made cartridges and it is cleaned by a Automatic pulse jet of compressed air cleaning unit, via a pneumatic timer switch. The dust / Fume / Spark and harmful dust are immediately captured at the filter and pure air returned to the atmosphere.


Custom made Special Models available as per client requirement.


  • Dry Type Downdraft Table
  • Wet Type Down Draft Table
  • Portable model
  • Small kind of Compact Version available
  • Stainless Steel Versions
  • Flame proof ATEX Proof Models etc..





  • Welding table Dust & Fume Extraction
  • Grinding & Buffing Applications
  • Plasma / laser Cutting Applications
  • Thermal Spray Applications
  • Odor & Smell Fume Extraction