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Industrial Blowers

When it comes to Industrial Blowers, then our name is ranked among dependable blowers manufacturing companies across the globe. We specialize in manufacturing mainly four types of industrial blowers that are Ring Blower, Hot Air Blower, Regenerative Blower, and Centrifugal Blower. All these blowers integrate advanced technology and tested materials superior performance and longevity.

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Dry air Blower

Cleantek deisgn & manufacturing hot air blowers for industrial application like drying, washing ,cleaning, hot air blowing, dust blowoff etc. Our high airflow and pressure blowers helps to make your projects efficient. Cleantek hot air blowers used in industrial washing machines, parts washing machine etc.. Our digital control panel control


Centrifugal Blowers

We provide high quality Centrifugal Air Blowers for various applications such as dust collection, material conveying, fume extraction, drying, Ventilation purpose, cooling etc. We have carved a niche as the booming Centrifugal Blowers Manufacturer in India.

Our wide array of Low Pressure Centrifugal Blower is


Regenerative Blower

We offer efficient Regenerative Blower for high pressure applications. If you require oil free high pressure air, then our High Pressure Ring Blower will suit your applications. Today, we are well reckoned as one of the blooming Industrial Regenerative Blower Suppliers based in India. Our Ring Blower is made in compliance


Hot Air Blower

CLEANTEK is an ISO 9001 -2008 certified company manufacturing hot air blowers for drying machinery parts and dry cleaning applications.  Industrial grade heaters are used to develop temperature upto 250 degree hot.

Cleantek supplying hot air system in 2 models.

  • HIgh volume hot air

Ring Blower

CLEANTEK manufacturing  High Vacuum Ring Blower / Regenerative Blower / Turbine Blower / Vortex Blower / Ring blower / Side Channel Blower, which is developed in compliance with the industry set guidelines. These equipment are widely applied in numerous industries for various applications. We ensure their high durability and reliability to


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