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Centrifugal Blowers are draw the air into the suction inlet of the blower housing, through the fan, and discharges it at 90 degrees out through the delivery of the housing.

CLEANTEK manufacturing two types of Centrifugal Blowers are Pressure Blowers ( 2880 rpm models )and Volume Blowers ( 1440 RPM models) .

► Pressure Blowers are designed to draw or push air at high pressures. Our Maximum centrifugal blower pressure level is 500 to 1000 mm of Wg .
► Volume Blowers are to draw or push larger volumes of air, rated in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM),at lower static pressure. Our maximum (airflow) centrifugal volume is 30000 CMH . Custom made volume blowers are available.

Cleantek design manuafcturing centrifugal air blower for various suction and exhaust applications. Our industrial grade centrifugal fans and blowers are designed for a variety of airflow volumes and pressure combinations available from 50 CMH to 30000 CMH capacity. Blower fans & casing is manufactured with high quality raw materials. Blower fans are digitaly balanced to avoid breakdowns.

Blower basic designs:

  • 1440 RPM models
  • 2880 RPM Models
  • Belt Driven models


CLEANTEK offer various coatings and linings to accommodate various application of blowers. Our standard industrial primer and enamel coating will protect our fans 
in a general industrial environment. We also provide coatings and linings that offer protection in specialized environments, such as high temperature, corrosive, 
abrasive, and food-grade environments. Explosion proof motors attached blowers are available. 
Industrial enamel coat
Wet paints
Epoxy coated
Enamel coated
Special linings
Teflon coated blowers
Technical Specifications:


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